Is it possible to outshine your competitors when your marketing budgets are stretched to the limit?

Yes. But you have to keep your wits about you. Agencies with impressive offices, cups of freshly ground coffee and charming executives employed to carry messages all have to be paid for - by you.

By contrast we operate from a busy studio, drink mugs of instant and the designer talks directly to the client - so your money isn't wasted on things that add no value.

Even when we need to pull in other specialists, like copywriters, web developers or photographers, you only pay for the time they actually spend on your job.

But what about the quality of the work?

We've been employed by big agencies, and they still call on us when they don't have our skills in-house. So you're getting the same high level of expertise and talent, without the mark-up.

Finally, because we're running our own business, we make extra strenuous efforts to understand yours - how it works, who your customers are, and what you want to achieve. We develop close personal relationships with our clients, so take great personal pride in doing an excellent job for them.

The result? They tell us we exceed their expectations. Hence our name.